What to expect from us

  • We are at your wedding to capture and preserve the memories so we try not to be obtrusive and get in the way, except with the posed shots. I will give you direction to make your shots look stunning.
  • We will make it fun.
  • We will be there if you are feeling nervous, to give you direction even if its just a smiling face to reassure you. We have done this thing a lot.
  • We are professional and reliable and the trust between us as photographer and you as the couple starts with that first cup of coffee months before your big day.
  • We will scope the location long before the wedding and find spots and get ideas for your shots which we will discuss with you before the big day.
  • We will take lots of shots and we never give you all the shots because a lot of the time we are doing two or three of a particular shot just to make sure nobody blinked or that we got it perfectly right. We give you the best shots.

What we need from you

  • Have fun, relax and enjoy your day.
  • Tell us preferably before hand but even on the day any special wishes you have.
  • Have fun, relax and enjoy your day.
  • If there are special people you may want us to capture a few candid shots of, please point them out to us.
  • And did I mention Have fun, relax and enjoy your day.

The Wedding Experience

The Wedding Photo Sessions

The use of the word sessions is no mistake because the wedding photography process consists of multiple mini sessions starting before the wedding with each party getting dressed and usually ending with the 1st dance. Most of what is below with the sessions is just a guideline as every wedding is different and unique and we might do photos at one wedding that we wont at another.

Getting Dressed and Departure

Getting dressed is usually the 1st of the sessions, this is usually where we photograph each of the partners if we can and their party getting their makeup done and getting dressed. We will try do some shots of the bride getting her makeup done, the wedding party relaxing, getting ready and if its possible, we like to take the dress and the shoes and/or the flowers and photograph them before the bride gets dressed. Bridal gowns normally have lots of buttons and doing them up makes for great shots. If there is time, we will photograph the bride and whoever is travelling with her in her vehicle before leaving for the ceremony. A lot of times we will do those shots on arrival at the ceremony.

The Ceremony

We like to get to the ceremony venue a while before the bride, photograph the groom and his/her party waiting, sometimes anxiously, a few pics of the guests arriving, the rings. We like to catch the brides arrival and normally photograph the walk down the aisle from two different perspectives. The ceremony usually consists of exchanging vows, giving of rings, the kiss and the signing of the register. We are also looking for those candid moments, the way you look at each other, the way your hands touch, the parents expressions to name but a few.

Group & Family Photo Session

When we meet before your big, one of the things that I ask of you is to think of who you want in the posed group and family photos and if possible make a list. This session s usually about 15 minutes

Bridal Party Photo Session

This is where we really have fun. We do quite a few shots and different poses, some natural. This is all dependent on the venue or multiple venues and we make use of whats around, long grass, a gazebo, an old tree or whatever will add some added interest to the shots. This session takes up to 2 hours

The Reception

The reception has its happenings starting with the arrival, speeches and toasts, cutting of the cake and the first dance. This is usually the last of the mini sessions.

After the Sessions

After the session we can take up to 3 weeks to process the pics. We shoot in raw format which is equivalent to a digital negative. Once processed the pictures will be uploaded to your gallery on our website for you to access. Thereafter we like to meet with your with our selection of favourites and work with you to put an album together