Cultures of canberra project


When I am not taking photos for others, I like to do private projects. This is one such project where I want to photograph people from all walks of life and the diverse ethnical and cultural backgrounds that we have in the Canberra Region.

Why you may ask? Because different cultures of people have different features, they have different skin tones, their faces are different shapes. I am a photographer but also a student of my craft and by photographing different people from diverse backgrounds I grow my skills and I grow as a photographer.

Attraction and beauty is subjective and is perceived differently in different cultures. I want wizened old faces, blue eyes, green eyes, dark skin tones and light skin tones and all the tones in between. I want wrinkles and beards and even a few bald heads. Even if you don't perceive yourself as worthy of a photograph, I would like to have a chat.

About the project

What type of photographs will you take?

I will be doing head and shoulder fine art portraits and maybe full body depending on the subject and their culture, some traditional outfits may be required

How will you use the photos?

Social Media and Perhaps Competitions so I will need a "Model Release Form" signed by you before I take any photos.

Do I have to Pay?

No. You only have to be willing to travel to my home studio in Googong and be willing to sign a release form so I can use the images on mys social media pages and possibly in competitions

Whats in it for me?

FREE PHOTO/S - You get access to the high quality digital photograph/s I decide to process

How long will the project run?

At this stage I am unsure, I plan on photographing subjects when I don't have bookings for other work so it could be anything from a year or longer

Do I have to be Attractive/Beautiful?

Attraction and beauty is subjective and and my aim is to create beautiful photos of you whatever you may perceive yourself as looking like

When will you photograph me?

If I select you, I will be in touch to arrange a time when it is suitable for both of us

Will you photograph everyone who submits an EOI?

No, unfortunately not


For me to see what you look like and if your looks are something I am looking for.

TeL: +61 499 700 313 Email: