Hi, I'm Wade

I have always been a dreamer, the quote in the yearbook of my High School graduation class of 1985, under my photo read "Its the lie of a pipe dream that gives life to the whole misbegotten mad lot of us" (and it about sums me up). I have been taking photos for 45 years, I don't lock myself in to any particular style and photograph anything from wildlife to kids parties but I am passionate about landscapes. I worked for 12 years as a wedding photographer in the film (analog) days. My other passion is preserving memories as I feel that with smart phones in the digital age we are always taking photos but we are also losing them as quick, we are not taking the time to appreciate what we have photographed like we did when we only had 24 shots on a single roll of film for the month. I want to help people preserve those memories, to highlight nature and the character traits of people pull them out of the digital realm and preserve them on something tangible, something that can be touched, held and enjoyed.

From the moment I put my small 7 year old hands around my Mum's Kodak Brownie box camera, I knew I would be a photographer. I think I was a dreamer before then but that is when my photography dream started. I got my 1st camera for my 10th birthday, with a roll of film, 24 shots and did I make them last. The passion grew from that moment. I don't have my 1st camera anymore or even my 2nd but I do still have my mum's brownie box camera. Its all I have of her, along with the awesome childhood memories and a few photos. She was a single parent to 5 children and film was expensive so the few photos I have along with that Kodak Brownie Box Camera, I cherish.

With Jaimi at Jaimi and Rob's Wedding