Choosing your wardrobe

I have put wardrobe 1st as it is probably the most important.

  • You need to be comfortable, if you wear a shirt that is scratchy and or ill fitting and you don't feel comfortable it will surely show in the photos.
  • You need to be attractive, wear clothes that make you look and feel good, clothes can emphasise our flaws or hide them.
  • Beware of wearing items that clash with each other, talk it over to see what everyone is wearing, some colours go naturally together, some do not, some are just horrendous.
  • Beware of having a hero, that's the person with the loud shirt or logo advertising on their t-shirt, that stands out from everyone in every photo.
  • Avoid clothes with logo's or advertising on, stick to plain clothes, colours and patterns.
  • Don't wear the same colour top and pants.

These are just guidelines and there are exceptions to the rule. The ultimate goal is to be relaxed and comfortable


Get a good nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is essential as lack of sleep not only shows in your photos but also makes you grumpy. The best time for photo shoots are those golden hours in the morning, just after sunrise, and the evening just before sunset. Make sure the time you are scheduling the shoot for is not around the little ones nap time, that would spell disaster for everyone.

Make sure you are well Fed

As above the best time for photo shoots are those golden hours in the morning, just after sunrise, and the evening just before sunset, so you might have ideas of going out for dinner afterwards or skipping breakfast for those extra minutes sleep. Make sure you have a snack then to get you through the shoot, we don't want hungry turning to hangry because you are not yourself when you are hungry.

Location, Location, Location!

I do do outdoor portraits and family photo shoots because of the natural light and awesome locations around Canberra Australia from bushland to green parks. As a result the weather does not always comply so you need to keep in mind that I may have to reschedule. Also keep in mind the times I use for the best light, those golden hours which change with daylight savings and the seasons. This will also depend on what you are looking for in your pictures.

Make time to get Ready

To often we leave things to the last minute and don't have enough time. Lets face it we all have busy schedules, but if kids sporting events or something is going to make you have to rush, rather reschedule. Leave time to do your make up, wash faces, have nibblies and relax.

Should I bring anything with me?

You are welcome to bring your own props, books, toys to keep the kids happy a blanket even a change of clothes. I will bring props myself as well as bribing food and snacks to get those smiles from the little ones. Yep I bribe! Not proud of it but it works.

Some final but still IMPORTANT Notes

  • Patience is key, its a lot of shooting and waiting and playing with what we have to get the perfect shot, if you stress the kids stress. 
  • Dads BUY in and be happy, dads are often the grumpy ones on photo shoots. Dad if you are happy then so are the kids.
  • Don't fake it, nothing looks as bad a fake smile. Break out those big smiles, relax and enjoy and most importantly have fun as you are creating memories and I am capturing them.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay